Sunday, February 10, 2008

getting back to what i was..

the day is thursday, 2nd october, 2008 and i become what i was a couple of years back. i got back to the one thing i was addicted to, the one thing with which my day begun and terminated. the age of empires. the fever is back and adrenaline pumping. the temptation has got a hold of me and i can't understand the very clandestine language that my brain tells me. it was only till yesterday that i could figure it out what it told me, don't i dare get back to the stuff. but it is history now, the damn laugh '11' is back in my ears, the raging 14 rumbling my ear drums. the skirms are back, the knights, the paladins, the champions are all marching into my life yet again. the game over and metamorphosed into 'start the game all ready'.
i rhetorted as Arsenic, the venom of the best ever strategic game that has hit the computers, only to find my voice feeble and powerless, the game overpowered by just noobs of the time of my reign. i found my self struggling in the battle ground telling the pikes to go attack the knights, the skirms to go kick some ass of the archers, and the villagers to do their household jobs in an organised manner. i completely misjudged the requirment in each avenue. then it came to me, i was not the same tarantula that i used to be, i needed to sharpen my senses before putting my feet back in.
yet i was thrilled and 'freaked' to get back at the game, get back in time to ensure that i come back to the top before these guys snatch away the most wonderful thing a student has at pilani, the LAN.
keep rocking!!