Sunday, October 26, 2008

hanging onto a matchstick in a flood

everything goes well at your college, only till there are people around you to laugh with you or in most of the cases laugh at you. however, when the scene turns into an one-act play comes a flood of emotions, frustration, fury and god knows what. being solo and lonely for mere 8 hours has put me in place where i am totally regretting staying here. not that i hate place, as a matter of fact i don't love it other. the thing is not about the place but about the people around you, blabbering there way through.
at first it was exciting to know that i was going to be a part of the industry, but ultimately this experience rings the dong that life is so going to suck in a couple of months, with all new faces to look at and talk to (not about the girls i guess!! at least some lets put it as re-admission to the college, the same butterflies are hovering inside of me. what is it going to be like? whether or not sitting in a place from 9-5 going to this boring?
helllllo, time is running out and this wonderful life is going to reach its terminal soon. this one way trip has been so awesome, with all the blacks and the whites, with the hills and trenches, and it seems so dark to look down the road that i feel intimidated just by the thought of it...
beating the bush has so become the fashion of the day, complaining, the new trend, lets get along and put some enthus into the roadtrip. the effort turn right now is probably going to take me to another wonderful destination as this brilliant stop has been. 3 and a half years, boy!! a long hiatus.

Friday, October 24, 2008

tales of pilani season4 ep1

return of bulldeep the great was the highlight of the episode. bullu as he is fondly known amongst his followers, first set foot on the lands of pilani in the year of 2005. elation and enthuse spread through the air when bulldeep, the one with the skimmed milk (remembering distinctly here of the 2 mothers mandeep had!!) reached the little town of the 'bhayajis'. however, sadly bulldeep turned foe and instead of amusing his very dear - the jinxd and the alpha q's - he very conveniently went aide-de-camp at the 'controlz aka bulla babes'. finally, after a lot verbal 'persuasion' he buckled under the pressure of expectations.
it was at this moment that his presence made the difference that was recieved with blurring views and revolving scenes. but to make it clear, the absolutely free carlsburg contributing more than bulldeep the great himself. the state of affairs were such that the empire of bulldeep the great was annexed by the danish 'calrssssssssburgssssss' and the people of pilani had their wings wide spread, flying around the streets having occasional nibbles at raka or bunty.
bulldeep, free booze, what more could the praja ask for. and there comes the icing on the cake with mimcat aka mimzi aka macaca rhesus agreeing wholeheartedly for his birthday to be celebrated. scandalous lives of the elite of the jinxd at pilani is famous and the news spread like fire through the jungles of amazon.
macaca comes from the tropical rainforests of the bengal, and is heavily dependent on some mr. batra for cosmetics and stuff. macaca - the king of the rhesus's clan - displayed skills par excellence and very very vividly. his (oops! i seriously dont know whether to use 'its' or 'his' so lets go with general perspective on the issue)ITS satisfying skills were discussed and analysed in detail being continuously monitored for any optimization possible. finally, with the sounds of a few shrieks filling the corridor and gullwinder expressing his love for the micromini of macaca - holding his trophy, the ecstasy was spilled over by the ancient bucket which had been a home to few species at least. the home was however destroyed after the event. some die, some live, some laugh, some cry, some fumble (this was me after the danish ravished me!), but still, nights lived by the jinxd are memorable and capable to be put on stone....