Tuesday, December 16, 2008

life ticking away!!

Coming to terms with the situations and challenges life poses is indeed very difficult. What is it with the relationships? Are they ships definitely to be attacked by trojans? Why is it that they crash almost certainly? But as muzumdar [1]sir used to put it, exceptions are always there. In fact, exceptions are one sad thing. Why is it an exception if it is always there.. Probably only exception can answer that. Rules - breakable pathetic term drafted for something which cannot be true. They are either broken by these exceptions, and if not them, the ones on whom the rules hold breaks them. Hmmm.. This is sort of going off track (not new with me). Getting back to what made me write this blog.

Relationships. They tick, don't run, don't roll, don't rumble, don’t.. Just tick. It’s as if you have a spring loaded somewhere with the tension increasing continuously by the constant and non-stop twisting. These twistings are nothing but all those small little backlashes at each other, you never thought were relevant. These springs are person specific, the characteristics - the spring constant 'k' is depedent only on the composition of the person under consideration. The k-factor goes on to be naturally large for warm-blooded creatures like the homo-sapiens. On top of that there are people who take this factor to a new level all together. With the increasing k-factor, the stiffness of the spring increases, hence with a very small displacement of opinion the potential energy reaches heights

all those who don't remember - potential energy = 1/2*k*pow(x,2) ... [2]

And then there is the law of energy conservation in which this large energy has to manifest itself in some form. There are many routes taken here - sound energy (predominantly), kinetic energy (things flying around here and there), and many more. However, the whole concept to learn here is that difference in opinion or to say the opinion covered by one to understand the other is directly proportional to the tension in the spring which indirectly is proportional to the seizure rate of the ticking.

this spring if functions properly, that is the tension is controlled and well utilized in keeping the WATCH ticking, the relationship will never be surrounded by the pirates.

ticking of watch = ticking of relationship => watch = relationship

It comes to this. As huge as the relationship can get, it always stays right there is your closet, ready to be put on any time, ready to be discarded any instant. Then, there will be a number of watches, not just one. The strap should match with the dress. There will be silver metal strap, brown leather, black leather, a sporty, a gold metal strap watch to be put on as and when needed. The female counterparts will also have multicolored goonish and rascalish watches hovering on their wrists.

Leave alone aims, ambitions even thoughts meet just once every hour in the beautiful looking world of relationships [3]. The guy obviously being the hour. The holes are very often more erratic and fickle minded than the poles and change more often. And ofcourse, the ticking is very dutifully performed by the second. Never are the two hands of the relationship in agreement and point in the same direction only for a little while during the entire day. And by the time guys realize this, the spring has already been twisted for long and the brewing tension overflows. The story then comes to the very familiar turn –

‘We were on a break!!’ .... [4]

The batteries are taken off. The ticking stops. The watch discarded. So what, wear a new one!!!


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