Tuesday, November 4, 2008

champi wale.. champi wale..

it all had to come to this. unwanted were those unshaven idiots who love the hair 'hair and there'. with the PCR kids (now calling themselves the new BILOO BARBERS) showing off their newly paved paths, the new trend caught hold of JP ; he caved in to the rising demands and himself, without any professional hand set out on a mission never even thought by the great jinxd. facing hurdles and mid way multifarious vegetations on the 'to be constructed' part. the mix of savanna and the amazon, the prairies and the sunderbans with patches of the gobhi on the newly established zones for cultivation by the tribes that had migrated from the lands beyond the C to the one near the V.

the process was on the way when the invention of the great alexander volta failed to operate and required charge up giving a chance to the new 'champi champs' to relax their hands and cool down their feet. finally came along another machine even more merciless than the previous one. the PCR kids back on track with the ghashti giving full support. the finale had to take place in the filthiest yet the most important place of the day - the BOGS. credit has to be given here to Mr. Gillette for his contribution to bush clearing avocation.

the mirinda kids now ready to show off their newly ploughed fields. the very elated party then moved on to the rest of the campus to flash their newly acquired beauty around.

the sad part however, keo karpin lost to old spice 0-3

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amrita said...

" :) nice ashu... love to read abt yr gao ... love :) ami"