Thursday, February 5, 2009


        <_title>zindagi .. jedi paheli koi na samajh paaya<_/title>

            it all comes .. goes back .. comes .. goes back .....
all just flows away never to come back. 
why doesn't the water just stay..
the tree<_%=he%> always stands, stooped down by the 
weight<_%=her>, kissing the river. the river<_%=she%>,
but the river never comes back... 
the tree just gives away all it has .. the leaves .. of all colors, shapes,
sizes.. to find in return her going off without a word. 
he says keep it coming. 

var demands[];
//demands is an infinite loop. 
var he[];
//he is the thing standing in queue of a number of he's waiting to fulfill the      demands.  
var she; 
//she is an object having numerous manifestations.

if (she.manifestations == angry) 
{ = sing a damned old song || buy a damned gift || take for long ride ||      make physical moves ||  talk for long hours;
if (he.getAttributes == sad)
she.return = null; 
if (she.manifestations == happy || thrilled || normal)
{ = somehow maintain the situation('PHEW!!'); 
she.return = null; = :( ; 


OK, this blog has already shown that how a stupid programming job reflects on the way you communicate. 
next, it also illustrates the role of the female species of the society. 
its been long and getting to terms with the absence of a shoulder to weep on i have realized that u don need one. the support u get only makes u weaker and weaker until that day when this support will be forcefully removed. the only buttress will begin to tremble and give way. the walls around crumble under the pressure and just fall off, leaving a mark of devastation. 
it becomes simple if the wall hanging fall off with the walls, but they dont, they keep on hanging and haunting. the daunting task is then to either move out of the region and to to a place where the view gets clearer without any walls or any wall hangings or to stay there working hard to rebuilt the damned walls or to just let time fade off things. the drive to get back, the motivation to feel that softness, that smoothness, that feeling ...  

nevertheless .. 


it keeps on rolling ..  



Arsenic said...

to initialize the comment box ..
this is absolute chutiyaapa .. 5:20pm in the evening after hours of unnecessary programming!!

CHINMAYA a.k.a. Gulli said...

Haha at ur own comment......poora ka poora chutiyap hi hai post ka msg!!

CHINMAYA a.k.a. Gulli said...

Par tujhe coding aa gayi hai...11...11....

aditya said...

Complier error:Error from fnord processor.No host found named Arsenic.

amrita said...

Ashu,it was freakishly good...:) somehow made me feel sad. . . . . .